Setting time and date on Lynx Plus

How do you set the date and time on a Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus alarm control panel?

Your Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel has a clock/calendar feature that can be used to display the current time. To set the time and date on your L3000 LYNX Plus alarm control panel, you must first disarm your Honeywell wireless home security system.

Enter your (4) digit master code followed by the FUNCTION button (which is the [#] key) and then [63]. The LYNX Plus security system will enter the voice prompt calendar setting mode which will walk you through setting the date and time. You first enter the (2) digit hour, then AM or PM, then the (2) digit minute, the (2) digit month, (2) digit day and finally the (2) digit year. You can press the [#} key at anytime while in the voice prompt calendar setting mode to have the system repeat a voice prompt. The LYNX Plus alarm control panel will exit the calendar setting mode if no key is pressed for (1) minute. You can also press the ESCAPE button which is the [OFF] key to back up to the previous menu selection if you made an error in your date and time setting.

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