Armed Stay “Exit Now”

Why does alarm say “exit now” when armed in stay mode?

The alarm system says “exit now” when armed in stay mode because the exit delay occurs no matter which arming mode you are using. When arming your  alarm control panel in stay mode, your system will activate with the exception of the motion detectors. This provides you or friends and family the opportunity to stay in the property and move around freely while still having the security system armed. When arming in stay mode, the alarm system should still provide an exit delay, or say “exit now.” This is to provide someone the opportunity to leave the property while arming the system for the remaining individuals. For example, a parent may leave for work early in the morning while the rest of the family is still sleeping.

You will notice that while arming in away mode, there is an audible exit countdown, however when arming the system in stay mode, the countdown is usually silent, so as to not disturb the individuals staying in the property. We cover the other  differences between armed away and armed stay in another FAQ.


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